FIFA 16 Skill Tutorial: Body Feint Guide

Using skill moves in FIFA 16 to beat your opponents is one of the best ways to create goal-scoring opportunities and ultimately win football matches online or offline. In this post we’re going to teach you exactly how to do and use the body feint skill to easily sweep aside any defenders in your path. Take a look at the full HD video tutorial below or continue to read on.

The very first thin we need to get into is the all-important controls and they are very simple once you get the hang of them and know how to do them. The first thing that you must do that is crucial is let go of the sprint button which is RT or R2 depending on which console you’re playing on. This is because you can only use this whilst dribbling but not whilst in a running motion.

Lets say you’re facing up or down, you simply move the right-stick left then right and that activates the body feint. You then need to select which way you are going to exit using the left-stick and which direction you point it in will represent which way the player chooses to exit with the feint.

If you are shooting form left to right or vice-versa then you push the right analogue stick up and then down to activate the body feint and once again use the left-stick straight after to choose where you’d like the player to exit. This skill has had it’s speed decreased by more than 50% from the previous installment but it’s still as OP than ever before.

In regards to the areas of the pitch in which to use it, that’s the beauty of it! You can use it even with defenders in your own penalty area to lose the opposition striker or on the wing with your wingers is also a good place and by far the best area is the opponents penalty box.

The great thing about it is it changes your players direction very quickly and also more often than not the defenders will be unable to tackle you because you go through them like they’re ghosts it’s so overpowered yet unfortunately so underused due to the speed reduction.

Another amazing attribute that the body feint has is the ability to exit in literally any direction, a little like the stepover skill move. The best possible body feint is one in which you exit diagonally backwards as the defenders never seem to be able to combat this and it also gets your player performing this particular version of it past the player and away.

The next time you switch on your consoles you alter give this one a try as it’s brilliant at beating midfielders and defenders and can be a real game changer. Follow us on social media and YouTube to stay up to date on all the tutorials we publish and we’ll have more tips coming up on the site soon.