FIFA 16 Tika Taka Passing Custom Tactic Tutorial

If you are a player who loved to pass the ball instead of skills then this FIFA 16 tika taka custom tactic tutorial will help you out immensely. In the HD video tutorial below which you can watch you’ll learn what formations are best suited, what player instructions to dish out, and also the ultimate custom tactic for the passing game.

Formations To Use

  • 4-4-1-1
  • 4-2-3-1 (Central)
  • 4-4-2 (Flat)

The above formations are perfect for the tika taka but after you’ve applied the custom tactic that i give you, then you’ll be able to use almost any in the game. This is because all your players will come short and you’ll always have an option wherever you are on the pitch which is extremely helpful and effective.

Player Instructions

Now this is also very important and depending on what formation you’re using, you will have to make these changes accordingly. With the side-backs both left and right back you want aggressive interceptions and with the two central players you want stay on edge of box for crosses. With the right-sided midfielder you want get in behind and with the left you want to set it to free roaming which should also be set to one of the central midfielders too. With the strikers i leave one alone and the other i set to get in behind and leave everything else to the default settings.

Activating Custom Tactics In Career & FUT

In Career Mode you can set your custom tactic from your main squads menu save the game after and it’ll be there for you forever until you change it again. In Ultimate Team however, it’s really irritating that there’s not a way to save a custom tactic so that you can use it in online matches whenever you see fit.

There is a way though to do it every time you turn on your console and launch FUT and you have to go to the single player tab, then at the bottom right there may be the TOTW and you have to use the right analogue stick and flick it to get an option up entitled play a friends squad.

From this option you then select any team to play against and any kit and advance to the team management area and then go to tactics. All there is left to do is select the custom tactic option by pressing A on Xbox or X on PlayStation and then you want to edit the tactic by pressing X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation. After you’re done you then click back until you are back at the main FUT hub go into an online game, go to team management and tactics and then select custom tactic by pressing the exact same controls given above.

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