FIFA 16 Face-Up Dribbling Tutorial: Skill Move Tips

In this FIFA 16 tutorial we’re looking at the OP skill move that is the face-up dribbling which can easily beat opponents and comfortably be used anywhere on the pitch at almost anytime. Take a look at the full HD video tutorial below which showcases all of the tips needed to use this fantastic skill to your advantage.

The face up dribbling is extremely overpowered and is simply performed by holding both the trigger buttons down, that’s the RT/LT buttons for the Xbox console, and L2/R2 on PlayStation. You have to do this when you’ve got possession of the ball however otherwise you’ll be doing the running jockey movement instead.

The way in which to use this to great effect is to face up backwards or in a certain direction slowly and then release the LT/L2 button and move in the opposite direction. Think about it, the two controls used for this is the pace control and the sprint button, is you let go of the pace control then you will be left with your finger on the left analogue stick and the running button.

This gives your player an astonishingly good speed boost that fools most opposition defenders no matter what the level of the player. Obviously they’re gonna get lucky every now and again and you may have to diversify your tactics and be a little unpredictable to stop them from guessing which direction you’re going to exit in. Generally though this is one of the most OP skills to use this year in FIFA 16 and the face up dribbling in general is as well.

As for which area of the pitch to use this in, normally nine times out of ten i would say to never under no circumstances use a skill move with a defender but this particular one gets a pardon and has the benefit of the doubt just purely based on it’s overpowered weight.

It’s amazing for getting that extra yard of space in tight areas and it’s good for all places on the football pitch including midfield and obviously up front and on the wings. Let us know in the comments section at the footer of this page if you need any help regarding this tutorial and you can also get in touch via our social media platforms just compose a search for FIFASolved.

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