FIFA 16 Defending Tips: Jockey Movement Tutorial

There’s no doubt that defending on FIFA 16 this year has been made extremely difficult by EA and you’re going to have to be a tight unit at the back in-order to be successful. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the art of the jockey movement in defence which will help you tackle attackers at the right time. Watch the full HD video tutorial below or continue to read on to learn more.

The first thing we need to talk about is the controls and they’re very simple. On the Xbox you to hold down LT without the ball to jockey and L2 on PlayStation. To run jockey you hold down both triggers LT/RT or L2/R2 but it’s not as effective as the standard version.

What you want to be doing is letting the attackers come towards you doing either skill moves or that wiggling movement and then jockeying backwards waiting for the right time to put in a stand tackle to claim the ball back. This is by far the most overpowered way of defending in FIFA 16 and it’s extremely effective.

The jockey movement is also very good at blocking shots or crosses as well and when a winger is at the byline you want to get as close as possible while jockeying and trying to get in the block. You shouldn’t worry about conceding a corner as the main objective is to stop the delivery into the danger zone meaning your penalty area.

More often than not it’ll bounce in your favour and you’ll retain possession of the ball so that you can make the clearance up field. When a player decides to sprint and out do you with pace then you can start running with them but also making sure to jockey when they turn on do any sudden movements.

If you practice with this for a few days you will soon get the hang of it and it’ll change your defensive game forever and you will be a better move improved player as a direct result. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial then don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section at the footer of this page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get a first peak at all the tutorials we do before they arrive here on the official website.


  • No matter what I do I suck at defending and just the game in general. I need like a full fledged boot camp from whoever the best player you have is to make me 10x better. I am tired of constantly getting wrecked 4-0 online no matter how many articles I read or how many videos I watch. Please for the love of all that’s good help me on Xbox One before I do destroy something very expensive. My gamer tag is Kinetic Omelet and my email is listed below. Please get back to me to help me as soon as possible preferably tonight. Thank you.

  • Hi guys I’m new in this game, I can say that I do have pretty good with my attacking skill but when I’m trying to defend it does make for me difficult. so I will appreciate some help and more tips about thanks.

  • I’ve been trying to get to grips with the defense in this game on Pro skill, and defending against CPU there is just no hope. If I jockey, they pass away before I can get close enough to tackle. I can’t intercept passes because they are pixel perfect and my AI players put no pressure, don’t mark, and the opposition can waltz in through the defense to score at their leisure with perfect top-corner shots and volleys. If I drop just one skill notch to Semi-Pro I win every game by 3 or 4 goals, the gulf between skills is outrageous. Tempting to blame crap team ratings or whatever but it’s too easy and not fun on semi-pro, and too hard and not fun on pro, I can’t imagine it’s just because I suck at the game because semi-pro is so easy it’s just laughable. Nothing between too-easy and too-hard makes everything boring or frustrating, there’s no happy medium where I’m challenged but rewarded. What am I doing so wrong that I can’t score a single goal and just get destroyed by the end of the first half in every game on pro?

    • I would like you to try two new things. The first being try to play more patient and just let them pass the ball and keep flicking the right stick to change your icon and play the interception game. The second which goes with this patient style of play is to try ghosting towards your opponent, this means go towards then back off to force them into making the pass it works a treat for confusing against a real human being or the AI. Also actually I’ll give you a third tip, why not use a custom tactic as that should help you on Professional i have covered all the best ones this year and they’re on the set-piece tips page.

  • Can it work with teamate contain?