FIFA 16 Skills Tutorial: The Spin

This is another FIFA 16 skills tutorial and in this one we’re covering the spin which is a 4-star skill move and one of the most overpowered in the entire game. Check out our full HD video tutorial below to learn exactly how to perform it in matches.

The controls are very simple! You must flick the right analogue stick twice in a diagonal direction to the opposite direction your attacking player is facing. So either up or downwards and this will activate the spin which confuses opposition defenders and changes your players direction at a rapid pace.

The best areas of the pitch in which to use this are on either of the wings at the byline and inside the opponents penalty area. You’ll notice that upon doing this you should have a clear sight of the goal in which you can instantly have a shot and try and score. One great little trick that’s good to put into practice is doubling up, in other words doing two consecutive spins on the bounce as this changes your direction twice and is very hard to combat for the defences you’re up against.

One thing that you need to remember is you can only use this with a 4 star skiller and above so it won’t work with anyone below those skill sets. That’s all you need to know about the spin and make sure to practice it either in the arena or skill games before heading into a competitive match.

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