FIFA 16 Career Mode Player Training Tutorial

This is a FIFA 16 Career Mode tutorial on how to use the new player training feature which has got to be used in the right way otherwise you’ll ruin your young players potential. Have a watch of the full HD video below which explains in-depth all you need to know or continue reading to learn more.

The first thing that you must know is the training has basically replaced the May update that was in the previous title to do with the youth academy. This was if you promoted a player before the month of May his physical stats would grow naturally, but if you promoted after then they wouldn’t and that would be very bad indeed.

What you have to do on FIFA 16 manager mode is glitch the players potential and if you don’t know how to do that then you check out our tutorial that we’ve already covered on it. You need to get your talents to has potential to be special and not train them what so ever!

Do not be alarmed though as if you do train them then their physical stats will not grow just like what the May update did. Your young wonderkids will grow naturally to 90+ rated tanks and it’s at the point where they’re almost full done up in stats at a certain age whichever that may be that you start to train them.

This might be when they’re in their late twenty’s or even later. The only type of players you want to train at the beginning of their careers all the way to the end is the goalkeepers. This is because they don’t need their physical, mental or technical statistics improved. They only need their GK stats increased and you can do that via the player training drills but you should avoid the easy drill which is entitled penalty saves.

Instead go for the one-on-one goalkeeping and/or the throws and dropkicks. There’s only one more type of player that you need to train and that’s your aging players that may be declining in overall rating. You can prolong their careers by training them and keep them sharp and at a decent rating.

If you follow all of these steps then you will have some outstanding squads in your career mode on FIFA 16 this year. Make sure you subscribe to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the tutorials we publish.


  • Is there a guide that shows which drills increase which positions? If you have a 70 ST for example, training his defense seems to do little, while chance creation seems to help. Curious what to do for mods and attackers to grow their value for sale fastest

  • Does this work on ps3
    Please tell me

    • If the option is not there then the answer is no bro, but it doesn’t matter too much because the player training is not as good as you think which if you’ve viewed the video i explain that it’s best to just let player develop naturally.

  • Do i train youth goal keepers or let them grow natural

  • this means I can scout defenders or physically grown players nd train em instead of waiting on this technically gifted players?!