FUT 16 Trading Tips: IF January Winter Upgrades

We have some FIFA 16 Ultimate Team trading tips for you today and it concerns the January IF winter upgrades to the in-form players. All you have to do is go out and buy the following list of players in the video below and wait until the card is upgraded for you by EA this month.

For obvious reasons we couldn’t mention every single player, one being the video content would have been far too long with the length running around 13 minutes. All of our predictions from last years video were all correct so there’s a great chance that this year will be no different.

There are some player that are clearly stated in the video however as being risky as Electronic Arts are extremely unpredictable with who they upgrade the stats to. Last season they boosted Liverpool defender Lovren’s stats which was confusing to many in the FUT community.

Let us know in the comments section who you think EA will give a boost to and get involved with the conversation as we all have our own opinions. This is a fantastic way to make coins in Ultimate Team right before the TOTY (team of the year) market crash as well, so that you’ve got coins to open packs for when the TOTY is officially released in the coming weeks ahead.