FUT 16 Full TOTY Now Available In Packs

FIFA 16 Entire TOTY

FIFA 16 Entire TOTY

GK: Manuel Neuer 96 – FC Bayern
RB: Dani Alves 92 – FC Barcelona
CB: Thiago Silva 94 – PSG
CB: Sergio Ramos 94 – Real Madrid
LB: Marcelo 89 – Real Madrid
CM: Iniesta 95 – FC Barcelona
CM: Paul Pogba 93 – Juventus
CM: Luka Modrić 93 – Real Madrid
LW: Neymar 97 – FC Barcelona
LW: Cristiano Ronaldo 98
RW: Lionel Messi 99 – FC Barcelona

These insane rare team of the year players have all been released by EA and are now available in packs until 6pm UK, on January 16th and will run up until 6pm UK, on Monday January 18th 2016! There will be many lightning rounds throughout this period and it’s best to open the 50K or 100K packs to be with a greater chance of packing one these amazing players.

If you do end up being one of the lucky ones and getting your hands on one of them then it’s best to wait and keep hold of the card for a couple of weeks until the market crash stops. This way you’ll end up receiving a lot more profit for the cards than if you list them up straight away. You could probably get close to the full price range top buy now amount if in a couple of weeks or months there’s no TOTY version in the transfer market and other gamers really want that card desperately.

Some gamers in the FUT community will pay almost anything if they’ve been waiting a long time to get their hands on a specific TOTY so just bare that in mind. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay completely up to date on all things FIFA 16 and subscribe to our official YouTube channel for all our tutorials and tips.