FIFA 16 Counter Attack Custom Tactic Tutorial

This is a FIFA 16 Counter Attack Custom Tactic guide to show you exactly how to setup the appropriate formations and tactics to initiate deadly counter attacks. Watch the full HD video tutorial below that has all the tips needed for success.

The first thing we must discuss is the formations and this is quite simple! The 4-2-3-1 is the best to use but you can literally get away with using anyone of them that you’re comfortable with.

How this type of play works, is you’ll literally be parking the bus sitting really deep in your own half pretty much just in front of your own goalkeeper and soaking up pressure from your opponent. Then when you win back possession of the ball you will instantly launch a counter and push up the field not only in numbers, but at great pace with fast passing moves.

You can of course use the default tactic setup by EA Sports but it’s not as good as our one. for the details on all of the numbers see below.

Build-Up Play

  • Speed = 95
  • Passing = 70
  • Organised Defence

Chance Creation

  • Passing = 70
  • Crossing = 50
  • Shooting = 75
  • Free Roam set for midfielders and attackers


  • Pressure = 7
  • Aggression = 65
  • Team Width = 40
  • Defending Line = Cover

That’s it! You’re all set to go and try this one out and you won’t regret it because if you have these instructions active and you play to the style then you will be blowing teams away with your deadly counters. It’s fantastic for when the opposition has a corner kick or is on your attack with numbers forward and it also great against the high pressure opponents and it combat immensely against them.

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  • Thanks for that, I’m still a struggling pro level and need a way to nick results from teams who always manage to skip around my attempted tackles…

  • I iain73 have tried and all i get is beat i have tried many formation against these players on fifa16

    and still get beat on season but season is far diffrent from picking your own team like

    a few year ago and eveon on fifa and pes you could use a glitch and pick your own team

    this is where this has come from people like me using glitiches and cheat`s so EA and KONAMI

    just though what a good idea get people to manage there own team on both pes and fifa so something

    bad come out off somethig good with people cheating i do not in courage people to cheat on fifa our

    pes because it spoil`s the game like i will see again when pes2017 is out on September 15 2017

    and then when fifa17 is out all you will see once again again is lagg lagg lagg when you are attacking

    and they are defending is lagg lagg lagg this is why i would like both KONAMI and EA to get together

    and BANNED these people from playing on line for 1 day then if they do it again 2 day`s and if they

    do it again 3 day`s and so on till they stop cheating and lagging

  • Hi , i play fifa 12 manger mode and here’s my squad :
    (most players are the default players , while some are different bought from transfers)
    Anyways , here are my players
    CB- Raul albiol , sergio ramos , pepe , ricardo carvalho ,
    RB- carvajal , arbeloa
    LB- marcelo , coentrao ,
    CM -granero , sahin, ,xabi alonso,
    RM-altintop,pedro leon
    CAM- ozil,kaka,modric
    CDM- khedira,l.diarra,gago
    CF- lucas podolski
    RW- di maria
    LW- cr7

    I wasnt able to score goals using default 4231 formation of rm ,and i love playing speedy counter attacks using the full width of the pitch
    So , i started using 433(4) one , against weak teams i totally destroy them( but without clean sheet) but struggle defensively against strong teams.
    My starting lineup in 433(4) formation is as follows-
    Rcb-raul albiol(86)
    Lcb-sergio ramos (87)
    Rcm- alonso(86)
    Rw-di maria(85)
    Lw-cr7 (93)
    I am deadly on counters , sometimes i make stupid mistakes and waste the counters , but otherwise i score many goals , but i cant defend properly
    While defending i manually move my cm’s and cover the opposition teamates to cut passing lanes and then when the opponent is without support i take away the ball , but despite that i still concede goals although my defenders always cleanly take away the ball ,
    So , what should i do ? Change formation, (but i like the kind of counterattacks this formation provides) or change squad , or adjust work rates or make some custom formation , i love the 433 system in football , how to produce counter attacks like carlo ancellotti did with flat 433 using rm ?? Pls help , i have to spend a lot of time trying to win against quality opposition teams ,
    I play against ai