FIFA 16 Short Corner Glitch Tutorial – BEST Guide

We once again have for you a FIFA 16 Corner Glitch Tutorial but this one is a lot better than the near-post technique that we showed you earlier in the year. It’s all about short corner kicks and how you can score almost every time you get one. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all of the secrets on this incredibly smart method of scoring.

The first trick is to call the second player to come short and you can do this by repeatedly pressing/tapping the LT button on Xbox or the L2 button on PlayStation at the cut-scene as the ball is out of play. When you’re set to take your corner kick the player should be there right next to you.

Now what you want to do is either turn slightly to the player that’s on the edge of the bx and chip it to him, or pass it to the player that’s come short, once he’s received the ball you then need to turn to the player of the edge of the D and use a pinpoint driven pass to get it to him.

As the ball arrives the final piece of the puzzle is to do a fake shot first touch and then hit a long shot, with the momentum in your favour your shot should hit the back of the net and get you a goal.

The next technique involves pressing the LT/L2 button after the cut-scene which makes a player run to you to take the set-piece short. What this does is take a defender of the opposition that was once in the penalty area, completely out of it.

Now you simply turn to the player on the edge of the box using the cross button to pass to him with about 2 bars of power and then you’ll have time to hit a nice shot from distance at your opponents goal.

The final method is all about giving it to the player who comes short and staying by the byline as close as you possibly can without giving away a goal kick. This will take some time to master so you’ll have to practice for a while until you get the hang of it.

The reason behind why this is so effective is that online players seem to have trouble with it and they always thing you’re going to cut inside with the winger. It’s a win-win situation because if the opponent doesn’t tackle you then you have a quick route to goal and can hit a near-post shot and score, if they do indeed tackle you then because you’re so close hogging the touchline you’ll win another corner kick.

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