FIFA 16 Through Ball Tutorial: Passing Tips

If you’ve wanted to learn how get better at your passing and more specifically performing through balls on FIFA 16 then these tips will help you to no end. Watch the full HD video tutorial below that shows you exactly how to do through passes in the final third of the pitch.

The controls are rather simple you just press triangle on the PlayStation or Y on the Xbox to do a standard through ball and to perform the lofted through pass you hold LB and Y (Xbox) or L1 and triangle for PS users. The first thing you’ll want to keep your eye on and look out for is the positioning of your wingers or strikers.

Look to see if they’re coming short to collect a pass in which case you should just use the normal pass, or if they are getting in behind and actually making a forward run into space to get past the opposition defence. If it’s the latter then that’s when you should use the through ball because one thing to remember about it is it’s a pass into open space ahead always.

So this style requires you to almost think in advance and paint a picture in your head of what move on the pitch is happening next and where your player is going to be seconds later. A great tip that we can also give you is to look out for the gaps in between the opponents defenders. There will at some point many times throughout a football match be gaps between the opposing centre backs and side backs and you should identify them as quickly as you possibly can and tread a ball right in-between them.

You should set at least one of your strikers to get in behind via the player instructions tab as this will result in them making more forward bursts and giving you an option with your attacking midfielders.

Lastly, don’t always pass for the sake of it if there’s no options and you can see that nothing is developing. Instead you should perform a skill move to distract your opponent for a couple of seconds and then a gap will eventually open up. It doesn’t necessarily matter which skill you perform it’s more a case of doing a job to distract the opposition to buy yourself a few moments to pick out your next killer pass.

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