FIFA 16 Power Free Kick Tutorial – Secret Tips

Having already covered most of the basic free kicks from close range on FIFA 16 in previous tutorials, now it’s time to teach you how to score from distance with set-pieces. Take a look at the full video guide below or continue to read on to learn all the secrets of success.

The first thing to identify is how far out you need to be in-order to have a go at these specific types of free kicks and the answer is 30 to 40 yards from goal. If you are any closer to the goal than just explained, you’ll more than likely miss as they are for the curved or dipping effort.

As for the controls they’re relatively straight forward and you want to hold down the LB/L1 button for the entirety and put in about 2 and a half to 3 bars of power. As the power gauge is going up you then need to lift the left-analogue stick upwards and keep it there until the player strikes the ball then you can let go.

A good tip to remember is what type of players can perform such a devastating set-piece and the answer is players with either free kick specialist as a specialtie, and decent FK accuracy. An absolute must is the power-free kick trait and for the player to have really high shot power in general.

In regards to the aiming this is very important! For a right-footed player you want to aim wide of the goal on the right side and more central from the left side. This is simply because the power FK has an incredible curve and it swerves as you strike the ball which is an added bonus to get it away from the opposition goalkeepers.

There’s no real exact positioning with this as the top Division 1 type gamers will move the wall with the trigger buttons and completely play with your head as explained in the video tutorial above. If you follow all of these instructions you should score these efforts every single time you win one from a foul. Make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter to get the very latest updates.