FIFA 16 Cheap Under 10K French Ligue 1 Squad

So this is a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team cheap under 10K overpowered French Ligue 1 Squad Builder that you can assemble for around 8,500 coins. Watch the full 1080p HD video below to see which players made the final team.

As usual i go through the entire starting eleven stating why i chose the players i did and go through their stats and positioning. After that i then explain which formation, player instructions to assign to each individual and player roles like captain, corner takers ect before heading into two matches.

I show you highlights of the two games i did and the first one is unusually a Division 1 match against a top gamer. It happened to be a subscriber against all odds that uses our website and YouTube channel for these exact tips. A fascinating encounter and it turned out to be a very entertaining game which showcased just how good this squad really is being able to cope against a world class Div 1 opponent.

The following and last match was one from the online tournament champions shield and turned out to be a pretty straight forward victory. If you’re short on coins and want a really OP team in the top tier of French football then this is it! Let us know in the comments section at the footer of this page which players you’d personally change and remember you can follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.