FIFA 16 Free Kick Glitch Tutorial: Score Every Time

So we’ve got an absolutely insane FIFA 16 free kick tutorial for you today and it’s all about beating an opponent when they stick the man on the line of the goal. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the secrets on how to do this simple and easy trick.

If there’s no man on the line and you’re close to the goal then you can perform the low driven, or dipping free kick and if it’s really far out then the power FK. However, if there’s that dreaded man on the line then it sometimes feels like there’s no way around it and you’re doomed! Well no longer is this the case.

What you want to do is call the 2nd and 3rd kick taker by pressing LT/L2 and RB/R1 buttons and this will call both of them and make 3 players surround the set-piece. Now all you have to do is hold down LT/L2 and do a fake shot which is shoot then pass and the player will run over the ball. You can also perform this with the second player by holding down RB/R1 and a fake shot to make him also run over the ball but this is optional as just the one works perfectly well.

After the player has ghosted over the football, you then must do a through ball/pass using triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox and pass it in the direction of the runner using the left analogue stick. This glitch usually results in one of three scenarios. You either create a clear goal-scoring opportunity, get awarded a penalty kick or score an unmissable goal.

This method is so overpowered that is can be used in everyday FIFA and not just when there’s a player on the line covering the space to shoot. It’s almost unstoppable and you’ll score so many beautiful goals from this technique that you won’t go back to any other type of free kick.

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