FIFA 16 Skills Tutorial: Ball Hop Tips

We’ve got another FIFA 16 skill move tutorial for you today which is a 4-star skill that’s so overpowered it will have you skipping past opponents with ease. Take a look at the full HD video below or continue to read on.

The controls are quite simple! All you have to do is perform a fake shot to stop the ball still which can be done by performing a fake shot without touching the left analogue stick. This will make the player do a fake shot and stop the ball dead still which is a great move in it’s own right. Afterwards all you’ve got to do is press the right analogue stick (R3 button) in twice.

Just double tap R3 and the player will then scoop the ball up like a hopping motion which looks incredibly beautiful on the eye but at the same time is extremely effective. You can win so many penalties and free kicks with this little trick and i personally think it’s the most OP skill for one-on-one and getting past a player head on.

As for the areas of the pitch in which to use it, it can be used in the middle of the park but i have noticed through extensive testing that it’s best success rates are when you come down from the wings with a Left or right winger and try and cut inside with it.

Next time you switch on your consoles make sure to give this one a try as it’ll be one of your deadliest moves when taking on opponents. Subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get all video notifications first and we’re also on Twitter where you can follow us too.

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  • Well …to me it doesn’t look so effective.The time for stopping and all just makes it complicated