FIFA 16 Dragback Tutorial: All Variations Detailed

One of the best ways to change direction really quickly in FIFA 16 is by using the dragback skill, although this is not necessarily a skill move but more a feature in the game, it sure is one you need to start implementing into your game to start having more success in matches. Watch the full HD video guide below or continue to read on to learn how to do it.

So with these tips we’re going to be sharing with you all three variations of the dragback and they are the standard version, a variation to the side of the player and the overpowered fake dragback.

The Standard Dragback

Now this is by far my favourite to use in matches either against the computer controlled AI in Career Mode or indeed online in H2H or Ultimate Team. The controls are where we’ll start off and you simply need to hold down the RB button on Xbox or the R2 button on PlayStation and then move the left analogue stick. It’s as simple and easy as that!

All you have to remember is to move the left-stick in the opposite direction to what you’re player is facing. So for example, if i was facing up i’d hold the right trigger down and then move the left-stick downwards and the player will then perform the basic dragback. This works in all directions and is great for fooling defenders and even the most skilled and experienced of online players.

Dragback Variation To The Side

The Dragback can also be performed in a variety of ways and although text in this article cannot explain the movement of this particular version of it, the video above will do. For the controls you always hold down RB/R2 and then you want to move the left-stick to the opposite way you’re facing and then to the side of the player. Just always remember that and you will be good to go. This one may take a little practice but once you know exactly how to do it every time it will be a great little trick to get round players in tight spaces.

The Fake Dragback

The fake dragback basically acts as if you’re about to do a normal version of the skill but instead fake to do it fooling the opposition defence. It can be performed by holding down the right trigger just like always and moving the left-stick in the opposite direction the player i facing and then the direction the player is indeed facing.

This one is a really easy to remember skill and you will be able to perform it almost instantly and it’s absolutely fantastic if you’re up against a player that all they do is slide challenges. This will take them completely out of the game and leaving them red-faced on the ground with you well past them by the time they get to their feet.

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  • Stephen Emerson

    You wouldn’t think the fake dragback would work against the computer player! Gonna use this more often now 😀

  • Yo I heard your good at Fifa and u give good tips so can u help me with something does toty the rise up as Thiago silva is going for cheep for like 267k