FIFA 16 Skills Tutorial: Heel Clip/ Ronaldo Chop Tips

This is a FIFA 16 skills tutorial on the heel clip most commonly refereed to as the Ronaldo Chop although we won’t be calling it that because as much as Ronaldo is a legend he didn’t actually invent it. Far from it actually as players such as the late Johan Cruyff, George Best and many more have performed it over the years. Watch the HD video guide below to learn how to do it or continue to read on.

So the first thing to discuss is the controls and what you’ve got to remember the whole time is it’s to the side of the player. So you hold down the LT/L2 button and perform a fake shot which is shoot then pass and then move the left analogue stick to the side of the player. This is a 4 star skill move so can only be performed with players who possess four or five star skills.

It’s fantastic not only for changing direction at a very fast rate but also for fooling opposition defenders, it’s absolutely brilliant and one of the bets to use in the game for that. As for the areas of the pitch to use, this one should be used out wide on the wings and also down in central areas near the opponents goal.

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