FIFA 17 Financial Takeover Tutorial

In this very short tutorial, you’ll learn how to activate the FIFA 17 Financial Takeover within Career Mode to turn your club into a powerhouse to compete with any club in it’s respective division or league. Have a watch of the HD video tutorial below explaining how you can do this in minutes on your manager mode.

This is where a Billionaire takes over control of your football club that you’re managing and invests a cash injection into the teams so that they can buy better players in the transfer windows and improve the squad.

All you have to do is from the main menu, go to customise and then the EASFC Catalogue and within that you need to move the to the tab that says Career. From there you’ll see the financial takeover at level 10, 25 and 35. The more FFC points/coins you accumulate the more higher levels you can unlock.

Once you’ve redeemed the item and it should come up with a message that says congratulations you now own this item, head back out to the main menu. From there you will want to select continue career, do not select load career as this can sometimes mess things up and discard your item that you’ve just unlocked.

Then simply skip roughly two days and you will have a new balance in your transfer budget that is ten times what it was before you went into the catalogue. Once you need the other two then unlock them but remember that once you redeem all three you won’t be able to get them again until the next title comes out.

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