FIFA 17 Finishing Tutorial: Best Shooting Tips

This is a brief FIFA 17 finishing tutorial with the top tips on loads of different shooting techniques to help you score more goals and convert chances with ease. Take a look at the full HD video tutorial below to learn exactly how to shoot like a pro.

There are numerous ways to shoot and they are detailed in-depth in this article. Some techniques are more overpowered than others.

Standard Shot

This can be performed by simple holding down the shoot button which is circle on PlayStation or B on the Xbox. It’s a normal shot but is best to aim with 2 bars of power point blank to the top corners of the goal to increase chances of scoring.

Finesse Shot

The finesse shot can be performed by holding down RB on Xbox and the shoot button or R2 and the shoot button on PlayStation. You’ll side-foot the strike giving it some swerve and these types of shot s are best to curl into the corners of the goal either from close distance or far out.

Lobbed/Chip Shot

This is easily done by holding down the LB button on Xbox or L2 on PS and then power up the shot to around 2 and a quarter to 2 and a half bars of power in and around the opponents penalty box. You will have to do this type of shot only when the goalkeepers comes off his line to commit to a challenge and then you simply lob the ball over his head.

Putting too much power into the strike will result in you missing the target and the ball heading straight over the crossbar and out for a goal kick so make sure to put in the power instructed.

Long Distance Shooting

For long distance rockets you want to take them with a specialist, by this i mean someone who has a long shot taker trait or a distance shooter specialtie. There in-game stats also need to have shot power and long shots statistics to be over 85. This will be covered in a long shot tutorial later in the year.

Low Driven Shot

This OP shooting technique can be performed by double tapping the shot at close range of your opponents goal.

That’s all of the ways to score goals in FIFA 17 with our complete shooting guide! Check back for more tips and follow us on social media like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.