FUT 17 Premier League POTM Dele Alli IF Player Review

Here we have a FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Dele Alli purple card Premier League POTM (player of the month) player review. In this review you’ll find out our opinion of how good the card is and if it’s worth spending coins and obtaining it for your own team. Watch the full video below that showcases all you need to know about it.

So you have to complete four SBC (squad building challenges) in the FUT single player menu to get the pack that the purple card is inside. You can complete these with around 150 to 200K gold coins with the MK Dons/League 1 players being the most difficult as there prices rise for the SBC.

The all English squad builder is easy as you can use four players and the rest as bronzes. Dele’s goals is a challenge with the Watford, Chelsea and Manchester City players prices rising in the transfer market too.

As for the actual card itself it is extremely overpowered considering it’s only 85 rated! He has incredible strength with his 85 physical stats, great passing range, and a long shot that’s unmatched. The Dele Alli POTM is by far the best distance shooter on the game. He has long shot taker trait mixed with flair to go with his 86 dribbling.

You hit a long range rocket from far out and it flies into the back of the net almost every single time. The great thing is this card has a great chance of being upgraded in the FUT winter upgrades too. So it can be even better than it already is.If you’re a Tottenham Hotspurs or Milton Keynes Dons supporter then you’re already probably going to go out and get this card but even if you’re not we highly recommend that you do regardless.

In this review we’re going to give the Alli player of the month a 9/10 rating for being a pure and utter Beast. Make sure to stay up to date on all news regarding FIFA 2017 by following us on Twitter and subscribing to our official YouTube channel.