FIFA 17 Lobbed Shot Tutorial – Chip Shooting Tips

In this latest tutorial for FIFA 17, we teach you how to lob the goalkeeper with a chip shot in our expert shooting guide. Take a look at the HD video tutorial and watch the full 3 minutes to learn exactly how to master this epic technique.

This is one of the easiest shots to master in the entire game and once you know how to do it you’ll never look back. You can only perform this when the goalie comes off of his line and commits to a challenge which normally happens in a scenario when a standard through ball or threaded through pass is played.

The controls are fairly straight forward! All you’ve got to do is hold LB on Xbox or L2 on PlayStation and then power up the shooting button to approximately 2 and a quarter bars of power in and around the opponents penalty box.

If the timing is spot on and the keeper is off his line then you’ll nail it and score every single time without fail. There are no specific stats that the player has to have to be capable of doing this technique either which is an added bonus. If you’re outside the penalty area then you should probably put in two and a half bars to three bars of power in the shot instead.

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