FIFA 17 Defending Tutorial – Expert Tips

This is one of the most important tutorials you’ll watch on FIFA 17 this year if you are to become an elite player and on of the best. Defending is by far the hardest aspect of the game and it doesn’t come easy to most gamers. Take a look at our in-depth video guide below and learn all the secrets and basic fundamentals to defence on FIFA 17.

These tips will help you out in your online season, Career Mode and FUT Champions against the very best players in the world either online or offline. There are many aspects to defending and these are the following.

  • Marking
  • Stand Tackles
  • Sliding Tackles
  • Jockeying
  • Running with runners off the ball
  • Cutting passing lanes
  • Intercepting
  • Pressure
  • Push and Pull

All of these are covered in this tutorials and you will gain the knowledge on how to perform them all right here. If you get clean sheets and don’t concede a goal, then you only need one goal to win a football match. Everything should start from the back including the goalkeeper.

There will be more in-depth tutorials coming up on the official website and YouTube channel in the following months ahead so make sure to keep an eye out for them as they’re vitally important to your success on the pitch.

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