FIFA 17 Through Ball Tutorial – Passing Tips

In this latest guide you’ll learn insane passing tips on how to open up the opposition defence using the FIFA 17 through ball feature. Included is the standard through pass and the lofted through pass. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to gain a better insight into how and when you should do it in matches either offline or online.

To perform this type of pass all you have to press is the triangle button on PlayStation or the Y button on Xbox. Just tapping it will do it short, whilst holding it down and letting the power gauge go up will do a long through ball.

The lofted through ball can be performed by holding down LB and then Y on Xbox or holding down L1 and then triangle on PS3/PS4. There are two main ingredients in order to have incredible success with using this feature. Not following these instructions will result in poor timing and less chances created when using it.

You must look at your attacking players, your strikers and wingers to see when they raise their arms calling for the ball. This is when they will make a forward run and they’ll point in the direction they want the ball played into. You play this type of pass into that area and more often than not it will result in a great one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper or even better still a goal.

The second thing to remember when performing this is to look for gaps in between the opposition defenders most notably the centre-backs. The LB and RB will leave gaps too in the final third so always keep an eye open for them too but it’s mostly the CB partners.

To exploit this just play a through pass in between them when your striker is in the middle between them and the ball will go straight through and you’ll have a clear opening with the goal at your mercy. Just practice this and you’ll get use to it in no time whatsoever.

As for lofted through balls the instructions remain exactly the same. The power put in depends on the player your controlling and the receiver of the pass so it’s impossible for me to say. You should get the hang of the appropriate power to put in over time anyway.

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