FIFA 17 High Pressure Custom Tactic Guide

Here you will learn how to create the perfect FIFA 17 High Pressure Custom Tactic with our unique strategy guide. Watch the full HD video tutorial below which explains in-depth the players you need to use, the player instructions, the actual ideal custom tactic to use and gameplay footage of it working a treat.

As detailed above, the typed of players that you need to assemble into your squad is a vital component to this style of play working for you. You’ll need to go out and buy players that have high stamina and the engine specialtie if possible. Players with high and high work rate for their defensive and attacking duties is also key to being successful with high pressing tactics.

Secondly the player instructions given in the video are not to be tampered with as i have done extensive research and tested loads of different instructions and they seem to be the real deal. Applying aggressive interceptions, stay back while attacking and press back line to the appropriate players is vital to this having the desired effect for you.

Lastly the actual custom tactic that I’ve provided will make sure that your high pressure game is on point and it’ll be very difficult for your opponents to combat this. Having the team width at 60 is what makes this tick but that’s not saying any of the other attributes applied should be altered or changed in any way because they shouldn’t.

When all is setup and you start playing. It’s all about using the teammate control feature which is holding down RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation. Whilst doing this you will want to be switching icons by flicking the right-analogue stick and covering holes in defence as well as charging towards the player who’s got possession of the ball.

Sliding tackles are a necessity in the high pressing game working and you should not be afraid to dive in for one every now and again. Getting rough with your opponent thanks to the aggressive interceptions and aggression at 93 means you’ll put down your marker and stamp your authority on the match.

The above tips in the video explains this a lot better and is one not to be missed if you love the high pressure game. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and are subscribed to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things FIFA.