FIFA 17 Throw In Tutorial (All Throws Explained)

This is a FIFA 17 guide on how to perform all throw-ins in the game including the fake throw which is a brand new feature in this years title. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the secrets and gain an advantage over your opponents.

There are a variety of different ways to take throws in matches. Instead of using the same old standard one you can mix it up a little to catch your opponent off guard. The standard one can be done by simply pressing the short pass button on your controller which is A on Xbox or X on PlayStation.

The long throw-in can be done by holding down X on Xbox or Square on PlayStation but this variation will make the ball travel a distance. The longer you hold the button down for the power gauge to go up, the further the ball will travel.

Now for the fake throw-in! This can be performed by doing a fake shot with the cross button. So that’s X then A on the Xbox or Square then X on the PS3/PS4. This is by far the most overpowered of the lot and will confuse the opposition and create space for your team in any area of the pitch.

Finally not a lot of gamers know about the through pass throw. This can be done by holding down Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation and you should aim it as a usual through ball so you’ll need to position your player to the side of your marker or let your marker get in front of you. To highlight and change your player icon just flick the right-analogue stick and then select the player you’d like to be.

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