FIFA 17 Career Mode Young Players Potential Glitch

This is a guide on how to grow young players potential on FIFA 17 Career Mode using a glitch that will help them grow. Watch the full high-definition video tutorial below to learn exactly how to do this on your manager mode.

The glitch simply involves loaning your players out a number of times and recalling them instantly form the loan spell. The status of the players is very important to take notice of and there are many of them. At the club since and recently arrived from are the kind of default statuses and you’ll want to improve your players from these.

Showing great potential is the first one up that means your player will get to at least an 80 rating at some point in his career. An exciting prospect is the second best one and means that they’ll get to a high rated at 86 + at the peak of their career. Has potential to be special is the promised land and is where you want to get all of your players your whole squad to.

This means they’ll reach 90 overall and be one of the worlds best superstars which means their transfer fee and price will be sky high. The video explains this in great detail and one thing to remember is you cannot glitch young players potential after 21 years of age so that is the limit. You should be more thinking of glitching teenage stars around the age of 16, 17, 18 or 19 so that there’s enough time to get transfer offers in from other clubs.

You need to loan your players out and then save your data instantly! After that you recall them and see if either their value has increased or their potential. Once one or the other has increased you then loan them out again rinsing and repeating until you get them to has potential to be special. Once this is reached you don’t want to ever loan them out again as they will grow into a world class player no matter what.

As for the player training you only want to touch that when your players are in their 30’s and this glitch works on all consoles and also on youth academy prospects as well. Make sure you subscribe to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date on Career Mode tips and also follow us on Twitter for exclusive content.


  • Do I need to train the players to become WC-players?

    • No i would only train them when they’re in their 30’s Fredrik, the potential glitch is more than good enough and they’ll get to 90 rated if you get them to has potential to be special bro.