FIFA 17 Skill Tutorial: All Body Feints Detailed

Here you will learn all of the different types of body feints that you can perform on FIFA 17 so that you can skill your opponent out. Take a look at the full HD video guide below to gain all the knowledge on how to do this with ease.

This is a 2-star skill move which basically means any player on the pitch can do it apart from your goalkeeper. Your defenders can even perform it and there are many different variations to this skill and they are showcased in the above tutorial.

To do it you simply need to activate the body feint first and this can be done by double tapping the right-analogue stick to the side of the player you’re controlling. Once activated you then choose which direction you want your player to exit and there are many to choose from.

The two most overpowered versions of this skill are the cut inside which is exiting diagonally backwards to the way you’re not shooting. The second is activating the body feint but not actually moving the left-stick. This i call the fake body feint and is the best at tricking all of the top world class elite players in the game including gamers in the FUT Champions and high online seasons in Ultimate Team.

This can also be performed offline in Career Mode too of course and you might find it hard to pull off at first as it may seem very complicated. However, once mastered it will be your best friend and it will end up winning you so many matches in the long-haul.