FIFA 17 Skills Guide – Complete Dragback Tutorial

In this latest guide we’ll show you how to do all of the dragback variations on FIFA 17 with the controls and where to use them. This skill can be performed by any player with any star rating with their respective skill moves and is a deadly weapon to have in your locker. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tips on how to use it in matches.

To perform it in game all you have to do is hold down the RB button on Xbox or the R2 button on PlayStation and then move the left-analogue stick in the opposite direction to the player is facing. To perform the fake dragback which is incredibly OP it’s the same controls apart from you almost want to cancel the dragback by moving the left stick to the way you’re not facing and then instantly to the way you are facing.

The dragback to the side is great with strikers in the opponents penalty area and can be done by moving the left stick to the opposite way you’re facing and then to either side of the player. Once you are comfortable and know exactly how to do this skill you will instantly become a better player for it. This skill works at the highest level online in the seasons and FUT Champions, but also in Career Mode and H2H.

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