FIFA 17 Crossing Tutorial – All Crosses Guide

There are a variety of ways to cross the ball in FIFA 17 and in this tutorial you’ll learn every single crossing technique that’s in the game. Watch the full HD video guide below to find out exactly how to do them all.

The Standard Cross

This can be performed by pressing the cross button which will be the X button on Xbox or the square button on PlayStation and it’s only good if you see a player at the back stick as this is a far-post cross.

In Game Settings Customisation

From the customise menu you want to change auto switching to air balls from auto. The other change is you want to swap assisted on cross assistance to semi assisted as this will allow you to put a power gauge in with your crosses and in-turn give you more control over the direction and aim of your crosses from the wings.

The Near-Post Cross

This can be performed easily by double tapping the cross button only when the player with the ball at his feet is in front of your attacking player that wants to receive the cross. If done correctly you will see amazing results as this is extremely OP and will get you a lot of goals from headers and volleys.

The Low Cross

The low cross can be performed by triple tapping the cross button and is certainly one to be avoided in this years installment. There’s simply no consistency with it and you will make life easy for the opposition defenders you are up against but use it at your peril.

The Early Cross

You can do this by holding down the LB button on Xbox or the L1 button on PS3/PS4 and the cross button. It is to be executed when you are just outside the box on the wings and it will deliver an early cross that will catch your opponent off guard.

The Pinpoint Driven Cross

This is by far the most overpowered version of crossing in the game and can be done by holding down RB or R1 and the normal pass button.

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