FIFA 17 Corner Tutorial – Near Post Glitch

We’ve already covered a corner tutorial earlier this year but now we have a brand new FIFA 17 corner guide with this time focus being on the near post glitch. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn all the tips on how to do this.

To perform it you have to press LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation from the corner and this will highlight your player at the near-post. If he is not tall enough and lacks height then you can always flick the right stick to change your icon to control another suitable player.

Once you have done this you need to move your player to the near-post using the left-analogue stick. After this you need to move the yellow icon to exactly the same area as your player and then power up the gauge of the cross to around 2 or 2 and a half bars of power.

All that’s left to do is header the ball on target with a goal the result more often than not! This is so overpowered and is a good alternative to the short corner glitch we showed you at first for this years title. For best results you should mix them up to keep your play unpredictable and keep your opponents guessing.

This technique is being used by the top players in the world in FUT Champions and in high online season divisions. It also works offline as well though so you can try it out in Career Mode and get some easy goals against the computer controlled AI.

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