FIFA 17 Driven Pinpoint Pass Tutorial – Passing Guide

The latest tutorial that we teach you involves us focusing on the FIFA 17 Pinpoint Driven pass which is the most important pass in the game. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn exactly how to use it in matches either offline or online.

To perform it you hold the R1 button on PlayStation or the RB button on Xbox and then the pass button. What it does and why it’s so effective is it’ll ping the ball into the receiving players feet at a fast pace to stop the opposition midfielders and defenders from intercepting the ball and retaining possession.

You have got to use this feature if you are to beat all the top players including the computer controlled AI on legendary mode offline in Career Mode and the top human players in the  FUT Champions and online season Division One in online play.

One great trick to use with it is the crossing glitch where you use the driven pass as a cross from the wings with your wingers. This enables sitters and easy goals for your strikers with is being the best way of crossing the ball in FIFA 17.

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