FIFA 17 Low Driven Shot Tutorial: Shooting Tips

This is an in-depth FIFA 17 low driven shot tutorial to cover the best tips on the most overpowered shooting technique in the game. Watch the full HD video below to learn all the tricks on how to do this and score more goals in matches.

As for the controls you simply have to double tap the shoot button but you need to make sure to power up the gauge so that it’s nearly full bar and then tap the shoot button for the second time. If you get an angle and try and go for the opposite corner to what the goalkeeper is covering then you will score more often than not.

The best shot in the game is the low driven finesse shot which is quite hard to do but once you master it then you will get more goals when one-on-one with the keeper. We’ve already covered the finesse shot in our tutorial so that should help in knowing how to perform them.

You can score long shots with this technique but they’re better for close range efforts at goal. Players with the clinical finisher specialtie will be experts at using this feature of the game.

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