FIFA 17 Threaded Through Ball Tutorial – Passing Tips

Every single year EA Sports decide to bring in a brand new feature into the game and overpower it and that’s also the case for this years installment. The FIFA 17 threaded through pass is amazing and in this tutorial you’ll learn exactly why.

Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the secrets and the controls on exactly how to perform it in matches either online or offline.

To do it you simply have to hold down the RB button on Xbox or R2 on PlayStation and then the through pass button. It’s as easy as that and the difference between this and the standard through ball is the normal one will go ahead of the player but only by a yard or two. There literally won’t be a lot in it and the player will take his first touch in no time.

With the threaded through pass the ball travels with pace further in front of the receiver and this enables the battle to be all about sheer speed. This is fantastic if you have a lot of pacey players in your squad and like to get players in behind opposition defences.

It’s best to use it on the wings with your wingers and for the striker to do that killer pass to take all the opponents defenders out of the game. If you haven’t been using this feature this year then you should start as it’s a complete game changer and all the top players are using it in FUT Champions and in the online season.

It will destroy the computer controlled AI on Career Mode too and be an effective weapon in H2H (head to head) as well. Make sure to try it out for yourself when you go into a game next as you won’t regret it. Subscribe to our official YouTube channel for more tips and tricks for FIFA 17 and follow us on Twitter for exclusive content too.