FIFA 17 Skill Moves Guide – Spin Tutorial

Here we have another FIFA 17 skill move tutorial with one that is called the spin and does exactly what it says on the tin. Possibly one of the fastest skills in the entire game this one should be in your locker so if you call upon it you can use it whenever you so wish. Take a watch of the full HD video tutorial below that covers all the tips on how to use it in matches.

The controls are really easy once you get use to them, you simply have to flick the right analogue stick in the opposite direction your player is facing diagonally up or down depending on where you want to go. This skill is very difficult to completely explain in text so it’s probably best to revert to the above video guide to learn all the steps on how to perform it.

This is a 4 star skill move and is one of the best at fooling defenders and cutting inside from the wings with your wingers. When you get the hang of it and master the skill, you should try to double up and perform two spins in a row to really send your opposition defence into areas of the pitch they really don’t want to be.

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