FIFA 17 Curved Free Kick Tutorial

This is a FIFA 17 curled free kick tutorial with tips on swerving the ball at close range and scoring more goals from set-pieces. Watch the full in-depth video guide below to learn the complete formula on exactly how to do this in games.

So the method for this is very simple, you have to select a player that possesses FK accuracy and curve stats as they’re going to be the best at pulling this strike off. Next is the area of the pitch in which is best to perform this and you want to be just outside the opponents penalty area and maximum 30 yards out.

As for lining up the shot you should look towards the last man in the wall and the post and leave a gap between them. Also make sure the ball is directly in line with either the middle of the goal or the opposing goalkeeper.

Finally you want to check that it’s a right footed player from the left side and a left footed player from the right. As for the controls you should aim to the top left or top right with the left analogue-stick according to player positioning. The shot power gauge should be exactly 1 and a quarter bars and max one and a half.

Anymore power put in will result in you skying the free kick and any less will mean that you’re strike hits the wall. Moving the left stick described above ensures that there’s a slight dipping effect added to get the ball up and over the wall even if it jumps.

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