My Personal FIFA 17 Formation & Custom Tactics Guide

I thought i’d go with something a little bit different in today’s tutorial as it’s a guide on my very own FIFA 17 formation that i use, custom tactics, player selection and player instructions. Take a look at the full video below that details all you need to know about this incredible tactical masterclass.

This specific tactic is all based on counter attacks and you’ll be sitting deep in defence just containing the opponent. The aim is not to put pressure on the opposition but instead intercept the ball in midfield and with your defenders in your own penalty area.

You will have two central midfielders who’ll be getting a lot of the interceptions protecting your back 5 and two side backs tucking in to help as well.You should be cutting the passing lanes and leaving no option for the player on the ball in the hope that eventually they’ll give up possession being inpatient and therefore giving you back the ball.

Once you have it this system is setup for a blistering counter attack that will blow your opponent away with pace, accurate passing and deadly finishing. It’s ideal to have a target man up front with a pacey striker who’s set to get in behind.

The formation is question is the 5-2-1-2 and i would suggest switching to this if you’re having trouble at the back and need to get clean sheets and stop conceding so many goals. This will get so many shutouts that you will only ever need one goal to win the football match.

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  • Moustafa morsi

    I can not see a difference in the monthly reward between gold 3 , gold 2, and gold 1.

  • Moustafa morsi

    This is my favourite formation, I wanted to ask you three questions, 1. Could I have Rooney in CAM.
    2. What is the best chemistry style for the two CM.
    3. If I could buy a stronger team than yours like for example de gea instead of but land and vardy totw or pogba instead lallana should I do that or stick to your team.
    Thank you very much