FIFA 17: Best Camera, Game Settings & Controls

You’ve arrived at the tutorial which is gonna cover the best camera, game settings and controls to use in FIFA 17 for all game modes. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to find out all of the settings that i highly recommend you change from the main menu.

In the guide above i give out tips such as the player name bar so that you can see which players are currently in possession of the ball instead of your gamertag. Also i talk about the close up and zoomed out cameras and which ones are suited best.

As for the controls, in defence a good one is to change the stand tackle button from B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation to X and A respectively. This is so it’s closer and will not confuse or mess up your gameplay patterns in any way. I discuss the radar and how it’s used, many players will use it to see when the goalkeeper rushes off of his line to claim the ball along the ground.

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