FIFA 17 Shooting Guide: Long Shot Tutorial

One of the easiest ways to get easy goals in FIFA 17 is by long distance shots and this is what you’re going to learn how to master in today’s tutorial. Take a look at the full in-depth HD video guide below that shares all the tips and tricks on how to do this.

There’s a specific formula that I’ve put together for all the players to learn and it’s really quite simple when you think about it. The first rule is to know that the standard power shot is the best for long shots! This is just by pressing and holding the shoot button which is B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation.

Looking at the opposition goalkeepers positioning in the goal is the second rule, if he’s covering the left side of the goal then you  clearly should aim your long range shot for the opposite corner.

Performing a skill move just before hitting a wonder shot will increase if not almost guarantee you the ball will hit the back of the net as it counts in the games momentum. Next is the shot power and you must load up 2 and a half bars of power for shots just outside the penalty area and 3 bars of power gauge for 25 to 35 yard rockets.

The final step is finesse longshots which are the second type of long shot you can do! No other type of shot should be engaged when shooting from distance. The finesse long shot will be successful if you aim just wide of the post and curve/swerve the ball into the top corners. It’s even more overpowered if the specific player in question has great curve stats or the finesse shot trait.

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