FIFA 17 Skills Tutorial: All Stepovers Guide

Here’s another FIFA 17 tutorial and this time we concentrate on a really underused skill move which is the stepovers. We’ll cover all variations of the skill which is showcased in the full HD video guide below. Watch it now as it explains everything you need to know from the controls to how to use it in matches.

As you can see it’s an extremely overpowered skill move if performed in the right manner. There are a number of amazing advantages when using this and the first one is that it’s a 2-star skill which means that any player on the pitch can do it.

The other is the fact that you can exit in any direction including diagonally. This is an absolute game-changer and the diagonal ones are the most effective at taking out incoming midfielders and defenders. The third and final advantage it offers you is depending on how much you wiggler the right-analogue stick, will result in how many stepovers you perform.

This means that you can just do one if needed or twenty in a row it’s total ball control with a skill move. This in my opinion is what separates it from the rest on the entire game.

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