FIFA 17 Skill Moves: Roulette Tutorial

So we’ve got another FIFA 17 tutorial for you today and in this one we’re concentrating on the roulette skill move. It’s a 3-star skill so almost any player on the game can use it, well 90% of players and it is the best skill move for one-on-ones with an oncoming defender or midfielder. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the steps on how to master it in matches.

The controls are very simple once you get the hang of it, all you have to do is stop sprinting and then move the right-analogue stick from the opposite direction you’re going in to a smiley face or half moon and then finish in the direction you are facing/shooting at. The above video explains it a lot better and if you take a look at it then you’ll get a better understanding if how this works.

For the first time i have implemented my own finger controls as well upon request from the FIFASolved community. This is so that you can see me perform the skill in real-time which seems to help a lot of gamers understand the overall timing of the action.

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