FIFA 18 Carryover Transfer Guide – FUT Coins, FIFA Points, XP & FC Credits

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

With the highly anticipated release of FIFA 18 this fall, many gamers are asking us questions regarding the carryover of their items in FUT. Your players, teams and coins unfortunately do not carry over to the next installment along with many other items. In this FUT 18 carryover article we’ll discuss and share with you the things that do.

FIFA 18 Carryover

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

All Non Transferable Items


It is quite a known fact to the FIFA community that coins cannot carryover to the new game but for newbies this may be what you’ve been searching for and the answer is unfortunately no! If coins just stayed on your account for when 18 is out, everybody would be able to get Ronaldo or at least a beast squad.

Making all players equal at the start of the game is the fairest way possible to keep the game competitive. It sucks we know that you will lose your best players and team but you will always have that there on that specific game if you ever wanted to go back.

(EASFC Catalogue Items)

All items that have been unlocked via the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue will remain on that version of FIFA and will not transfer onto the new one.

(Leaderboards, Wins to losses Record and Divisions Progress)

All your in-game records will be wiped from the division you’re currently in to your actual record of wins, draws and losses and that included everything on the leaderboards too.

(Players, Staff, Consumables and Club Items)

It goes without saying that you will lose all your players and literally everything in your FUT club you have right now come September for FIFA 18. Generations however will give you the opportunity to show off your old squads you used to have which is kind of cool.

Transferable Items

(FIFA Points)

This is probably one of the most searched terms in regards to the whole carryover process. FIFA Points can indeed be transferred over from one title to another and the process is rather easier than it may seem. You must note that you cannot transfer them over whilst the demo is out or when the FUT 18 web app is live.

You should transfer the FIFA Points over from the exact same console you’ve been using and the origin account you’ve used all year when the early access is released which is available on Xbox One via EA Access or if you buy the Icon or Ronaldo editions of the game for either console.

EA Early Access members will receive a bonus 10% discount on all FIFA Points prices (full price listed below)

100 = £0.79
250 = £1.99
500 = £3.99
750 = £5.99
1,050 = £7.99
1,600 = £11.99
2,200 = £15.99
4,600 = £31.99
12,000 = £79.99

Established Date

It really doesn’t matter when you established your club, it will still say exactly the same in the top left corner this fall and forever.

PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements

All of the achievements on Xbox One/360 and PSN Trophies on PS4/PS3 will stay forever on FIFA 17. That’s just it though, you would have unlocked these milestones for that game and not the new one.

FUT Club Name

You’ll get the opportunity to keep or change your FUT Club Name right at the start of the game. If you decide to change your mind halfway through the year, then you can always complete a simple manager task from the main FUT hub or use a one-time catalogue item instead.

XP Level

Each and every time you earn XP, you will gradually build up your levelling bar which appears in the top right of the screen, until you reach a new level. Each XP level becomes gradually more and more difficult to obtain as you’ll need to earn more XP for each level if that makes sense. Once you manage to unlock a level, you’ll never lose it within your chosen account which is great.

The XP will transfer over to new FIFA titles every single year. The more XP that you have, the more items you will be able to unlock in the catalogue.

Pro Clubs Player Appearance and Club Badge

These two would normally remain the same however, due to the Frostbite engine we will have to wait and see when the game actually appears on our screens late this September.

Football Club Credits

All FCC will be transferred over to FIFA 18 from what you’ve gained in previous FIFA titles.

That’s the lot! We hope this article has answered any of your questions and if you’re still not sure then leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we possibly can.