FIFA 18 New Skill Move (Cruyff Turn Tutorial)

There’s a brand new skill move that’s been introduced in FIFA 18 entitled The Cruyff Turn and these tips will teach you exactly how to perform it in-game. Check out the full HD video tutorial below to learn how to do it.

It’s very simply to pull off, all you have to do is perform a fake shot which is shoot then pass or cross then pass. After you’ve done that you want to immediately move the left analogue-stick in the opposite direction to what you player is facing. It’s as easy as that! The great thing about this is it’s a 1-star skill move which means literally any player on the pitch can perform it.

It’s extremely annoying when you’ve got to check if the player is able to do a specific skill but this one requires no thinking time whatsoever. It is fantastic at changing your direction at a very quick pace and after using and testing it I’ve noticed that it’s incredibly OP (overpowered) this could well be the best skill in this years installment.

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