FIFA 18 Close Ball Control Dribbling Tutorial

This is a FIFA 18 tutorial on how to use close ball control dribbling to your advantage in matches. You may or may not have noticed that EA have implemented the close ball control button into the game this year after it being absent for a couple of seasons. Watch the full high-definition video guide below to learn all the secrets.

So first things first, the controls! All you have to do is hold down the LB button on Xbox or the L1 button on PS3/PS4. That’s not all though, there’s a great little trick to using this effectively in games.

Basically you need to let the opposition defender or midfielder come at you and then spin round like you’re protecting the ball and exit the other side. This is a little hard to explain in text format that’s why it’s best to watch the above video for the best explanation of how to perform it.

In Ultimate Team and general online gameplay the speed is very fast so slowing down a touch and keeping possession of the ball will help using this technique. You can always subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get the very latest updates on all our video publications.

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