FIFA 18 Custom Tactics Tutorial – High Pressure Tips

This is a FIFA 18 Custom Tactics Tutorial on High Pressure and implementing it into your teams DNA. I will go through the best formations, personnel, player instructions and of course the all-important custom tactics. Take a look at the full HD video guide below that better explains how to put this into practice.

Best Formations

The best formations to select for this specific style of play would be the 4-4-2 flat with the two centre midfielders or the 4-4-2 with the two central defensive midfielders. Also any of the 3-5-2 variations with the standard 3-5-2 being used in the above video by myself. These formations are perfect for the high pressure style and it will reep rewards to be set up like this.

Player Selection (Personnel)

As for what type of players you need to select for this it is one of the most important parts of the formula. There is a bit of leeway involved where you can get away with some players but your central midfielders should ideally have a great engine.

That means that they should have high stamina and high attacking work rate and high defensive work rate. Up top a big man, small man combination works wonders so one who’s small with pace and the other big tall target man striker with physical attributes.

High Pressure Tactics

As for the actual tactics it’s really best to watch the above video as it explains in-depth everything you need to know. A proper tutorial on how to play with this style will be up on the site soon so you can learn exactly how to high press in matches.

Player Instructions

Absolutely everyone in the team should be switched to aggressive interceptions including the two strikers. The two wide players and the CAM (central attacking midfielder) should also be set to stay forward.

Remember you’re trying to win the ball high up the pitch with waves of players and i experimented with this and it honestly is the best option by a country mile. The only issue you may find is with the whole squad on aggressive interceptions you’ll use a lot of stamina and fitness but you can just have a spare team on the bench and in the reserves and that way you won’t have to ever use any fitness items.

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