FIFA 18 Defending Tutorial – New Hidden Tackling Technique

There’s no doubt that you’ve probably been struggling with defending on FIFA 18 either with online competitive play or offline. This is why we’ve decided to release a brand new series entitled Defending School where we’ll teach you all the basics and advanced tips for getting clean sheets in matches.

Starting with this the first of many FIFA 18 defending tutorials, you will learn the brand new secret hidden power tackling system. You can stand tackle just like in previous installments by tapping the stand tackle button but now you can use this brand new feature too. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn more.

So all you have to do is hold the stand tackle button which should be circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox or around 1 second and the power gauge will start to go up. Around 2 to 3 bars of power seems to be the magic number where you’ll have the most success.

It’s not just as simple as that though! You must be incredibly good with your timing of the tackles and also have about a yard to two yards between you and the opponent you want to challenge. Otherwise if you’re right next to your opponent then you might as well just tap the stand tackle button and you’ll receive the ball with ease.

This new tackle is for when the ball is slightly out of your grasp and you want your defender or midfielder to lunge in carefully and grab the ball from the oppositions feet. Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to stay up to date and the second part of Defending School will be out soon.