FIFA 18 Shooting Tips – Finesse Shot Tutorial

One of the most overpowered shots on the game is the finesse shot and that’s the FIFA 18 shooting tutorial that we have for you today. Watch the full HD video guide below to learn all the tips to mastering this shot in matches.

The controls are straight forward! All you have to do is hold down the RB button on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation and then power up the shooting button. The angle is the most important factor behind scoring goals with this shot.

You have to position your player who’s on the ball to face the corners of the goal at an angle. This is because the finesse is not about putting your foot through it but instead putting your foot around the ball and offering some swerve by moving the left-stick in the required direction.

You’ll see as soon as you hit the ball that the curl is what beats the goalkeepers and this has been an OP technique used by loads of FIFA players for many years now. It’s still as effective as ever today too.

Just remember not to be sprinting whilst performing any type of shot on the game as it’ll decrease your chances of scoring by 90% compared to just simply dribbling. The best shot in the entire game is the low driven finesse shot so try to do them as much as possible especially with one-on-ones with the keeper.

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