FIFA 18 Passing Tutorial – Advanced Through Pass Tips

One of the best ways to score goals on FIFA 18 is by creating clear goal-scoring opportunities and that is what you’re going to learn today with this advanced through pass tutorial. Check out the video below that shows the killer tips that’s involved with the perfect through ball.

There are many aspects involved with a through pass but lets start off with the basics which are how to perform them. The two we are going to concentrate on are the lofted through pass and the standard through ball.

Lofted Through Pass

So the controls are simple! All you have to do is hold LB on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation and then hold in the through pass button which should be triangle (PS4) or Y on Xbox. The ball will travel further depending on how long you hold the button in for.

Now that the controls are out the way it’s all about timing, and you can easily find out when to perform this pass by looking at your player. They will point in the direction they want the through ball and that is a real tell that the player is about to make a forward run into space.

The wings are the best areas of the pitch to perform this and also the striker with a lofted ball straight down the middle if you have a striker with high pace stats.

Standard Through Pass

This is the more commonly used one and by far the most overpowered on the game! You need to be aware of the space on the pitch which the above video explains best. A visual representation of this is what’s needed so watching the tutorial is advised.

Timing again is key here and the reverse through pass is by far the one that will unlocked even the best of defences. It doesn’t matter if the player you’re playing against is world class the reverse through ball will get you loads of goals at the highest level in online seasons and even in FUT Champions.

Looking to see if your strikers are getting goal side of the defenders and are getting in behind the opposition defence is another great way of knowing when to initiate the standard through pass.

Look to see if your centre forward is on the shoulder of the opponents defenders and that is when to pick your moment for the pass. This technique also works on the wings too with your wingers.

A threaded through pass tutorial will be up on the website and YouTube channel soon as well so make sure to check back soon for that. If you want to stay up to date then you can follow me on social media or subscribe to the official YT channel so you never miss an upload.