FIFA 18 Shooting Tutorial (Lob Shots Guide)

Easily one of the most overpowered shots in the game this year has got to be chip shots! So in todays FIFA 18 shooting tutorial you’re going to learn how to lob the goalkeeper and score easy goals in both offline and online play. Watch the full HD guide below to find out all the steps to take to perform the perfect lob shot.

First things first the controls are very simple if you didn’t know them already you simply have to hold down the LB button (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) and then power up the shooting button which should be circle or B depending on what console you’re on and if you haven’t messed about with your control settings.

As for the shot power you want to put in around 2 to 3 bars of power but the trick here is not to take any notice of the power gauge but instead get a natural feel and rhythm of the shot. If you haven’t mastered this already the keep practicing and you’ll nail it in no time.

What you should be looking out for is the goalkeepers position and if he’s off of his line or racing out to meet your striker then that’s the perfect opportunity to lob the keeper. It’s all about timing really and if you get it correct more often than not then you will bag yourself a lot of goals this year.

Lastly always remember not just with this method but all shots not to hold down the sprint button as that will only decrease your chances of hitting the target let alone scoring a goal.

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