FIFA 18 Counter Attack Custom Tactics & Best Formations

We have another FIFA 18 custom tactics tutorial and this one is the best formations, player instructions and personnel for the counter attack style of play. Have a watch of the full HD video guide below to learn all the info on how to implement this style into your game for either offline or online gaming.

Best Formations

There are a select few formations that are suitable for this style and they are the 4-3-3 (3) the 4-3-2-1 and the 4-2-2-2 with the 4-2-3-1 being another great one to use. I personally go for the 3rd variation of the 4-3-3 as it suits me best and the most important factor with all these formations is they all have CDM’s in them.

You need central defensive midfielders with the counter attack gameplan otherwise it will make things ten times harder for yourself.


So the player selection is also important you will want a lot of defensive minded players in midfield and a solid defence with OP players at the back. As for up top it’s plain and simple! You’ll need a lot of pace and speed up front with your strikers and wingers as the plan is to soak up pressure from the opponent and then hit them on the break with blistering sheer pace.

Custom Tactics

As for the all-important tactics they are completely simplified as you want most of the values on 50. The speed of passing needs to be set at 95 but watching the actual above video tutorial will explain everything you need to know.

Player Instructions

The player instructions are completely up to you and your personal preference but i have most of my players on balanced. If you did want to tweak anything then it would be to have all of your front line at get in behind which will help with the mentality side of things so your forward line will know to use their pace as soon as you have the ball high up the pitch.

I tend to use the LB button (Xbox) or L1 button (PlayStation) to tell my players to run up when i want them to. I also use one-two passes which tell my players to make runs as well. Implementing all of this information will set you up for the counter attack style of play and you will be a very difficult p[layer to break down especially in defence.

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