FIFA 18 Skill Tips – Scoop Turn Tutorial

Here is more FIFA 18 skill move tips and today we’re looking at the 4-star skill the scoop turn which is one of the most OP on the entire game. It’s very good at confusing the opponent and creating goal scoring opportunities. Watch the full HD video tutorial below to learn exactly how to do it in matches.

At first the controls can be quite daunting but with a little practice you’ll be able to perform it whenever and as often as you want. To do it you simply perform a fake shot and then move the left-stick starting from the opposite way your player is facing all the way round to where he is facing.

The above video guide really demonstrates visually how to do it best and the areas of the pitch which this is most effective is the oppositions final third. It’s fantastic for winning free kicks and penalties and tricking defenders before getting out a shot at goal.

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